01 June 2010

let's all laugh so we don't cry

This week is a short work week and I’m excited! Not only because it’s a four day work week for me but because my girl, Michelle is coming to visit from MIA! Lots of drinkin, brunchin and bar hoppin to be had this weekend!

Also today Jack Johnson’s new album To the Sea came out! I’m sure it will be on my ipod on repeat until I know all the words (listening to it right now as I type at work)… yes, I do that. I used to buy cassette tapes two times because I’d play them so much I’d wear them out. I might be a nerd about music but that’s ok, it makes me oh so happy.

Don't you just love him?

Also coming out this weekend is Get Him to the Greek AND Killers – can’t wait to see both! Hopefully they will not be disappointments.

Summer has officially started and what better reason than that to walk around smiling... the sunshiny days to come {relaxing in the park} sound so inviting! What’s making you happy right now?
{and maybe I used too many exclamation points in this post but I’m just too happy today! forgive me. we all do it sometimes.}

Happy Tuesday!

image credit {2 - Jack 3 - Greek 4 - Killers}


Michelle said...

HAHA...I'm so excited too!!!! I can't wait.

Oh and I'm down to watch Killers!!!! =)

{ I V Y } said...

great pics haha i love russel brand.

Hope Chella said...

Get Him To The Greek looks good (can't wait to read these reviews!) Thanks for sharing this and have fun with your friend. Drink lots of water before and during your nights out...I forget sometimes ;) xx

bananas. said...

ooh i've been meaning to check out jack johnson's new album. i'm going to hawaii soon and his music always gets me in that hawaii mood.

also can't wait to see that get him to the greek movie. looks hilarious!