27 May 2010

my ass is awesome so smile when you kiss it

How did this much time go by without me posting at least something… rather than put it off any longer – here are a few random snapshots of things going on lately. Been busy and everything feels non-stop. I hope after this {relaxing} holiday weekend that everything will slow down a bit and I can get back to regular posting! This weekend I plan to sleep in a lot, take some pictures, get a little sun and drink a lot of wine. What do you have planned?

Happy {almost Friday} Thursday!!


pinkapplecore said...

it looks like you had just an awesome night, glow sticks and drinks


bananas. said...

did you take that picture of jewel? how awesome!!! bf and i were just talking about her.

love the first picture with the beer. not loving that type of beer though. haha.

have fun this weekend!!!