05 March 2010

My View of (almost the rest of) the Challenge... P to the W

P is for Playing for the Perfect Pair

Q is for Quasi Quiet

R is for Random Reflection

S is for Sitting in the Sizzling Sun

T is for Terry Talking on the Telephone

U is for Under my Umbrella

V is for a {wanna-be} Vegan's Vice

W is for Wearing all White {party}


♥Aubrey said...

Sunshine & Unbrella together...OK!!! lol :)-

Have a fabulous weekend hun.

pinkapplecore said...

oooh so lovely, i love the way you title them.. :)

yes February was just a hard month in general...nothing went right.

Nathalie said...

haha, this is a great post. I love those images

hannah said...

lovely photos.

bananas. said...

i want S!!! that picture is perfection. sigh.