18 February 2010

Warm Weather Destination: Aruba

So I am finally getting around to posting a few snapshots from my trip! Aruba was fun and the people were so awesome - everyone was nice and I felt very safe traveling there solo. The only thing that surprised me though was how much there was to do there! They had almost anything and everything you can think of - waterparks, movie theaters, ATV'ing, caves, the beach, shopping and so many food choices. I would've prefered doing nothing and just being there in the warm weather on the beach the whole time but I did explore the island some and went to the lighting parade during their carnival. Definitely a must see if you happen to visit around carnival! Aruba would be a great family trip for any of you guys that have kids. I would maybe go back again but for sure next time with a group. Much more fun that way!

And if I had the money, Honey
I'd strap you in beside me
And never ever leave you...
Grapefruit, my bathing suit
Chew a little juicy fruit
And wash away the night
Yea you chew a little juicy fruit
It's good for your soul

- Jimmy Buffett


Michi said...

The pictures look great on the blog!!! And love that Jimmy Buffet song at the end! =)

Alex said...

Aruba sounds good to me just about now.

bananas. said...

first thing i think about when i hear aruba is the beach boys song..."aruba, jamaica, ooh i wanna take ya..." ha!

looks like fun!