26 August 2009

when the sun hits your eyes through your window

Last night I found myself watching Catch & Release on TV. The last time I saw it was in the theater and I forgot what a great movie it is and the soundtrack is amazing. So here's a song that stuck out the most throughout the movie for me ~ hope you all enjoy! I needed a song like this for the week that it has already been.

Here's the rest of the soundtrack:
Foo Fighters ~ Razor
The Lemonheads ~ My Drug Buddy
Blinker the Star ~ A Nest for Two
The Magic Numbers ~ Morning Eleven
Gary Jules ~ Pills
Steve Durand ~ Electrified and Ripe
New Radiant Storm King ~ The Winding Staircase
Audible ~ Sky Signal
Peter Maclaggan ~ Leaving the Ground
Gomez ~ These 3 Sins
alaska! ~ Resistance
Paul Westerberg ~ Let the Bad Times Roll
The Swallows ~ Turning Blue
Andrew Rodriguez ~ What I Done
Death Cab For Cutie ~ Soul Meets Body
Also I wanted to bring up that Kevin Smith's character in the movie is a quote finder for the tea boxes - oh so fitting for the little things I love. So it made me pull out my current tea box from Celestial Seasonings...
currently drinking: Moroccan Pomegranate Red
box quote: "One that would have the fruit must climb the tree."
- Thomas Fuller

Picture This 8.26.09: saw Ms. Universe on 5th Ave in front of the Trump Building when walking to work

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