25 August 2009

Tuesday Tea Party ~ every heartbeat creates a miracle

I love hot tea and drink it almost everyday but today I woke up and the thought of coffee would not escape my mind. So today I am having a cup of coffee and it is oh so good. This week from my yogi tea, the statement above had me thinking…. Last night I was walking home from a photo shoot and decided to continue taking a few more pictures. I think we forget how calming NYC can be right before night completely takes over. And it made me think how everything in the city starts with a heartbeat. One of the reasons I used to love walking through the city at night was to pass through Times Square – even in all the chaos and craziness that it is. The energy that exists in Times Square seems to be tireless and I love being a part of that; however, last night when walking up Broadway I didn’t even feel an ounce of energy. Any readers in NYC feel the same? Maybe its all the recent changes with less car traffic and the more relaxed vibe of being able to just sit there in the middle of 45th & Broadway. Who knows really but I think it has lost some appeal for me… or maybe this means I’m officially a true New Yorker?

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