16 July 2009

Random Inspiration

I realized I haven't posted many pics from my inspiration folder in awhile and it just felt fitting for today.
I do love cooking and I love the plate above but really I just loved the color palate. Imagine a kitchen or dining room filled with those colors. mmmm - love it.
We always need a little Depp in our lives. This is how I picture him spending a summer.
I wasn't too fond of the black kitchen but I love the chandelier and the British royalty feel with the crown and powder blue chair.
If I had the space in NYC I would love to have a room just like this to get ready in the morning or brush my hair at night. The lack of clutter would ease my mind when so much city clutter fills my day to day.
"Just as I was reaching a point in my life where I was beginning to feel part of something, I've become restless for a new me. When you know who you are, new ideas are icing."
~ Quiksilver Ad


ana said...

you have a lovely blog!!! those are beautiful pics!!!

Orchid Grey said...

love that last room!