16 July 2009

Childish Ways of the City

I thought High School ended over 10 years ago for me? So why am I finding myself in High School situations. I rarely use my blog to rant but today I feel it necessary. As adults, friendships are formed to enhance our lives and make it easier. When we are younger we are thrown together with people who we may not even share an ounce of common interest; however, as we grow older we tend to surround ourselves with people who enrich our lives or have similar likings of the world. Of course we all have one or two rather out there friends that you could never imagine being like but we all need that as well – someone we can live vicariously through, let’s say. So why do I find myself asking, when does high school behavior ever really end? As an adult if something isn’t making our life better and it’s more headache and work than it’s worth – we change that part in our life. Whether it’s changing a job or dropping a friend who really does make your life harder; so be it. When people carry-on this behavior as though they are still 16, it just makes life annoying and then when they involve my inner circle – it just makes them look silly. Maybe I look silly for even thinking to write such a high school thought but you know we all have to vent sometimes. An adult can still have kid-like fun and be grown up but seriously let us move on from your childish ways already.

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