15 June 2009

You My New Obsession

Currently obsessed with AA clothing. They have the best dresses! I always used to think their ads were annoying and the clothes too pricey vs. the quality but honestly I want almost every item to be spilling out of my closet now. Love them.

"Oh, I can't get you out my mind
Everything you do is feelin right
Remember that way you caught my eye?
I remember that way you was walkin by
Ooh girl, watch out now
You looked at me, turned around and smiled
Gave me eyes, my heart went wild
Hypnotized, this love starts now
And how do I know you're real?"


1 comment:

April said...

Oooh, did you wear the dress out?! I can't wait to work on my post belly body so I can borrow this dress! lol.