15 June 2009

Just A Weekend

Friday was watching the hockey game with friends and a couple drinks in. Then headed uptown to Broadway and 145th – yes a couple of white girls enjoyed a Friday night uptown even though I honestly could’ve skipped it. The d├ęcor was like a cheesy prom but they had a body paint artist walking around and I was in glitter heaven. Got a design on my face – simple and fun. After a little dancing and a lot of loud bachata music we headed to midtown for some drinks with friends. Had some late night pizza eats, a taxi home and in bed by sun up. As much as I love sleeping in - I couldn’t sleep so I was awake by 10am and went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Easy viewing for a Saturday morning but then had me thinking – do we know all along who we’re really meant to be with? Is there really only one person that is meant for you? That one person completely gets you? It’s nice in theory i.e. the happy-ending love story of a movie but I think each person is meant to be in that moment and what they mean to you in that moment is what matters. Back to the day to day. Saturday afternoon was an attempt to check out the Big Apple BBQ Block Party with some friends and with the amount of people there – that lasted all of 2 minutes and we settled on Outback. Yep – there is an Outback in the city. Happy full belly’s and a couple drinks in and off to the first bar and then the next bar and then another bar and then time to call it a night. An early night. Slept in all day Sunday – felt so great. I have these thick curtains that keep my room cozy and with the AC on and snuggled under my warm grey comforter – I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday. Sunday night I saw Away We Go and I must say if you see one movie this summer – this is a great movie. Then wine and cheese to catch up with a friend after the movie and so it was, just another weekend.

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