11 May 2009

Simple Weekend

Dinner and Margaritas uptown on Friday night with the girls and then more drinks and a little dancing with a friend after and wondering why guys really just don’t get the hint when you're not interested, I prefer not to be so mean. In bed by a decent hour and then breakfast in bed around 8am – bodega egg sandwich with ketchup, salt & pepper – then I went back to sleep for most of the day and passed up a trip to IKEA, I needed to save the money and wanted a little more sleep. Finally took more snapshots for my portfolio at sundown and my first official headshot session, happy with the turnout and will post some of those soon, then had dinner at Empanada Mama’s and I think the highlight of my weekend was their tostones – always so great there and shared a pitcher of Sangria. Had a drink with my neighbors, then I watched SNL solo and met up with some friends on the Eastside – which I don’t really care for but I wanted to be out. Slept in again all day Sunday and went for a walk with friends to get ice cream around the block – I love lazy Sundays, had dinner and more drinks at Brazil Grill and witnessed Barbara Bush walk down 8th Avenue with a daughter and bodyguards that looked like secret service, saw I Love you, Man, it felt good to laugh and because I was at the movies solo, I got an invite to join a guy who was also watching the movie solo – I declined his offer, wasn’t in the mood for stranger talk and besides, when you’re at the movies does it really matter if you have someone sitting next to you?

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April said...

That's funny that a guy watching the movie solo asked if you wanted to sit with him! Classic! Only in NY I tell you.