06 February 2009

Never-ending Blue

Recently, something happened in my life that makes me bitter in wondering about the ways of the world. Does this feeling subside and how do I deal in the moments when I need inspiration and healing the most? As I look through images, I see the sorrow that can still be evoked even through glamour. When I feel sadness – I think nothing of glamour. However, here I have found a few favorite shots that remind me as dark as life gets – I should always keep the beauty and remember the sweet to come after the harshness of life fades.

photo credits: 1 {image: Kate Moss via this is glamorous} 2 {editorial: Bella De Nuit; magazine: Marie Claire Australia March 2001; model: natalia vodianova; photography: Friedemann Hauss} 3 {via lagarconne} 4 { via Bjornstar}

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