11 February 2009

Hors de Prix

This past weekend was nothing but movies and lounging around in my pajamas with friends. Sometimes we all need that. It was a simple, quiet weekend. One movie that stood out in particular was (English translation) Priceless starring Audrey Tautou. Some have coined her as the modern Audrey Hepburn and she does look classic, I’ll give her that. In this movie – she gives ‘Holly Golightly' a new approach; she may not be as naive but definitely eccentric and very socialite-esqe. Her character is a girl that goes to and from rich men thinking that money and pretty things is what will bring her happiness when really love is the only thing that can fulfill a person in the end. The fashion portrayed in the movie is just plain inspiring. Not to say that I would want her lifestyle; although shopping daily on someone else’s tab and drinking champagne in the afternoon really doesn’t sound that bad. I would love to take a cue from her fashion sense. European women seem to always have that extra something.

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