30 December 2008

novelas y mariachi

I have my bestest in town visting with her hubby for the New Year and they are a couple of fun foodies. So our mission last night was to find this little authentic mexican place that is holed up in the back of a mexican grocery store/bodega. Need to remember the name - I will post that later... just trying to keep up with the writing in general. Walking in towards the back I see the TV on novelas and the radio playing mariachi's and in the back corner there is a tiny window with one menu, mostly in spanish. Just place your order and grab a beer from the fridge - the food is made fresh and so yummy. Great for a quick bite or to sit and eat a little more. There are only two small sides of bar stools are the mirror lined walls; I'm guessing in an attempt to make it seem like more space. After eating you walk up to the front and just tell them what you had - coming out to $8 for my dinner and a drink isn't too shabby. Worth the trek over to 10th ave and 47th St for sure!

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