29 December 2008

New Fav Museum

Haven't been keeping up with this... again. But wanted to quickly note I found a new fav spot in the city - the Rubin Art Museum. It's located in the old Barney's (how fitting) and the building is gorgeous - I need to go back and try to take pics for that sole reason. It almost feels as though you are in the center of a shell if you stand at the bottom of the staircase and look up. In addition to the art the have a great gift shop and a bar with a DJ and food. I went on a Friday night so not sure if this is an everyday occasion but I will definitely return and I'll write more soon especially on how great the food and drinks were! Also there is a promotion for a free movie screening when you buy a drink. I skipped it the last time but I am sure I will return. Check it out - it's worth it!

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