21 November 2008

Ippudo NYC

A few weeks ago I finally got to check out Ippudo - another restaurant in on the ramon/noodle craze; a little bit of a wannabe foodie but not always 'getting it' - I will say I was impressed. We did wait for about 30 minutes for our table but the bartender at the front bar was nice and very accomadating although it was a rather crowded waiting area. I wouldn't recommend this place for a first date; the couple sitting next to our table of four seemed a little disturbed from our talking but I think I had more fun with a group of friends catching up anyway or a even a night out with the fam. Even though the lighting does set a nice tone for a first date. Some people might think it odd that I would recommend this restaurant because I am a vegetarian and my selection was limited since the menu is mostly pork based. Something good to know before going if you are a non-meat eater. I do appreciate the idea of good food though. I had the ramen salad (my only main course veggie ramen option) that skipped the broth but didn't skip on any of the flavor. Before that, I had a tofu app which was pleasantly appealing even though silken tofu isn't always my first choice and a little hard to eat with chop sticks since it usually ends up having a yogurt consistency. Drinks kept to the sake theme but were creative. The selection they offered for drinks was great and still kept within the Japenese theme of things. We didn't try dessert but next time I am definitely going to save some room! I would go back for any meal. If anyone decides to go - Happy Ramen eating!!

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