10 July 2008

The Movies

Since, of course, I haven't kept up with this as I hoped and I'm only on my first post; with so far, nada wirtten about the great city I live in and now today I am going to talk about movies. Recently I have been seeing a lot of theater movies, as my friend reminds me. What can I say, either it's the call of the summer blockbuster or the relief of sitting in AC for awhile and out of the sweltering NYC summer sun. Either way the days have been mine to enjoy. Last week I saw The Wackness. I went into the theater ready to listen to lots of hip hop on the big screen and assuming other fellow movie goers had the same impression since the guy to my left was blaring music through his headphones so loud I could hear it a few seats down. However, the movie was more about an 18 year old drug dealer that lived on the UES but really should've been living in the LES and dealing to the kids that made up KIDS. The film that was so ahead of its time and was noted for it's rawness and realness. The Wackness was set in the summer of 1994 and any kid who feels out of place but is in that place will relate weather you like hip hop or not and weather you do drugs or not. Let's say it's the clean version of KIDS.
Then last night I saw Wanted. Better than I thought it would ever be and recommend to almost all. Apparently for those with a weak stomach - you shouldn't watch it; however, it was less gore than an episode of The Sopranos, if that translate's to anything for anyone. James McEvoy was not the kinda of assassin that I would cast but he turned out to fit the role just right because every killer needs compassion to question whether he's right or wrong when putting the death of someone else in his own hands, right? Exactly. And the fact that Angelina Jolie purposely cut her lines in the movie did add to the appeal she offered to the big screen. Jolie fans will love to see her back to roots being dark and kick ass. But please don't gasp, 'there she is' like the girl did sitting next to me. It is annoying to know that Angelina is every girl's 'girl crush'. So when you want to ask "What did you do with your time today?" go see this movie.

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