16 July 2013

take me there :: junior's

What do you do when someone comes to visit nyc and they haven't been here since 1953 {or another year in the 50's… I can't remember exactly, those are the details that I'm not so good at}? take them to junior's in times square… well really just take them anywhere because new york city is like a whole new world since then. and that's just what I did when my granddaddy came to visit. who wouldn't want a piece of classic ny cheesecake in ny? but then Granddaddy just ordered the pineapple coconut cake… that's ok though, it was just a yummy to me! And I can never pass up a good sundae {with a guinness on the side}. 

If you have visitors in town, take them and if you've never been, take my advice… just go. It's fun to be cheesy like a tourist. trust me.

{and if you are the tourist, live it up! I'm jealous.}

"to live is the rarest thing in the world. 
most people just exist."

{oscar wilde}


Erika said...

Junior's always makes me think of P. Diddy and Making the Band - when he made everyone walk over the Bridge to get him a cheesecake from Junior's. Random, I know.

Love these pictures. And now I need some cheesecake. :P

April said...

Love this. You look like your granddad!