14 November 2012

30 second dance party

This past weekend a friend of mine asked me to take headshots for her and I was thrilled to do so. What resulted was a 30 second dance party. You know when something feels accomplished that you had been working on and then you take those 30 seconds to dance party to the music in your head when it feels right and done, then back to work to finish it all up? You know like Grey's Anatomy style. My favorite 30 seconds of every life moment. I'm constantly dancing to the music in my head. If you've never tried it ::ADVICE:: start doing it everyday. It seriously makes life better.

Here are a couple shots {and a little graffiti for good measure} that I wanted to share from our playday in the West Village.

Also she has an awesome blog and updates daily with stuff to inspire 30 second dance parties or you can save it all for one day like Jenn does aka Dance Party Wednesday.

Check out what amuses her and inspires her here... US of J.

"go dancing or something."

{jenn's blog}


Hayley said...

Fab idea. Today I'm going to kick the butt of this event I'm trying to organise, then 30 second dance party it up!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, she is gorgeous! :)

Leesh said...

I loved that 30 second dance party scene on Grey's. I may have to start to incorporate that into my life too.