01 September 2012

travel :: viejo san juan

For a few days of my getaway, I stayed in Old San Juan. I simply fell in love with it. Walking around exploring during the day and partying all night. Mostly, I loved the graffiti of the city. If you know me or know my blog, then you know I'm a sucker for graffiti. Here is just a glimpse of some little tags that I found.
Thinking of the last few months, gone... I am a bit said to say goodbye to summer as the unofficial end is approaching us this weekend but a change of the season is always nice in this city. September is sure to be a busy month and I'm ready for that little chill in the air. NYC feels good that way. 

Happy Holiday Weekend!! 

::mantra of the trip::
yo-hoho and a bottle of rum... 
puerto rico, here we come!

yo-hoho and many bottles of rum...
puerto rico, we had fun!


Cafe Fashionista said...

You are such an awesome photographer; I LOVE these pictures!! :)

Ocean Dreams said...

I've never been but it looks like fun! Glad you're having a nice weekend!