24 August 2012

the island escape

Happy, happy Friday and welcome home to me! A few of you that follow me on instagram know I've been island hopping for the past two weeks. I went to San Juan and Camuy in Puerto Rico {for the first time} then over to Water Island. It's a small island off the coast of St. Thomas and officially the 4th U.S. Virgin Island, though I've never heard anyone refer to it that way. It also happens to be where I spent three years of my childhood and many teenage summers because my Dad lived/lives there. His house is a favorite piece of the world for me to visit over and over again. More details to come soon but first to share a few of those insta-pics that I fell so madly in love with. 
Have a happy, happy weekend!

::the rum diary::

"I knew that New York was getting warm now, 
that London was wet, that Rome was hot - 
and I was on Vieques, 
where it was always hot and where New York 
and London and Rome were just names on a map."
{hunter s. thompson}

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LyddieGal said...

Island hopping sounds pretty divine. Family on an island? you lucky girl!
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