08 August 2012

july new things

Be an Extra 

Maybe it is a random one but something I've always wanted to do, was to be on a film set. So I took some quick homemade headshots, created a profile on Casting Networks and got a few call backs. I ended up doing a student feature film: Charlie, Trevor & a Girl Named Savannah. Followed by a music video for a local BK rapper: Gliffics. It was interesting and eye-opening into that industry. Not sure if I can be passionate about it just yet but I will say, the best thing even just in those two days, were all the great people I met. Everyone is very professional and driven in their own right. 
It was inspiring. 

I look so tan in the 2nd one! I took these a couple weeks after I got back from Africa so really naturally I'm somewhere in between the two... funny how a flash and lighting can change a picture so much. 

::yogi tea::
The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment. 


bananas. said...

you definitely have a face for tv. those are some great headshots!!!

i've always wanted to be an extra for the show walking dead. how cool would i look as a zombie?! maybe i should take some headshots too and send them directly to AMC.

Sara said...

You look awesome in both!! How cool to be an extra too :)