28 June 2012

colors of an african sunset

The Himba from Namibia

While in Africa, I had the amazing opportunity to spend an afternoon with the Himba. The majority do not speak English so we had a guide/translator who grew up in the community but had the opportunity to go to school. Within the tribe they choose about five children only within each generation that will have the chance to go to school. Their lives are so far removed from what any typical person could imagine. The experience is hard to put into words really. Although the adults were a bit apprehensive of our presence, the children were beyond elated. We played away the afternoon and the air was filled with excited giggles.

"be good to yourself, be excellent to others 
and do everything with love." 

{john wolf}


Elle Sees said...

just stunning photos.

Amber said...

wow, you captured some really spectacular images.

erica marie said...

What a wonderful post, the photos are amazing!

xo erica

Miss Caitlin S. said...

wow- this is astounding!!! seriously. I dont know if i love the images or the quote at the end more. thank you for this "experience".

bananas. said...

i am amazing by your photog skills. you definitely captured the raw essence of africa.

melifaif said...

Beyond real. So beyond what my words can form....lovely.