03 November 2011

serious shoes

Barneys Windows :: NYC

Christian Louboutin's shoes are without fail some of the most divine things I've ever seen. Last night I walked by these in the window. Regular readers should know my love of store windows, especially here in NYC; they always seem to have the most amazing merchandising, whether that is even the point or not is uncertain. Windows here are more about the artistic value. Not that these shoes are everyday wearable but they sure are pretty to look at and swoon over.
What do you think?

"The core of my work is dedicated not to pleasing women
but to pleasing men."

{christian louboutin}


melifaif said...

I am thinking....I COULD KICK A B*TCH WITH THOSE!!!! lol. Kidding...kinda. They would hurt, I am sure of it. Love the artist talent in store windows...

Makeup Majesty said...

loveeee the shoes they kick ass!

Kimberly Capeto said...

Hey !
Wow...those have got to be the coolest pumps ever ! You can seriously kick someones ass with those hehehe :)


Cafe Fashionista said...

I. DIE!!!! :)

Elle Sees said...

i will take those in size 8.5, thanks! ;)
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Sara Szatmary said...

At least Mr. Louboutin admits that his shoes hurt the feet... so beautiful, yet so painful.

cryskay said...

those shoes are hot. xx

Fabrizia said...

Super cool and hot, I love them!! I like this post!
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Cosa mi metto???

Marian said...

Oh, I'm totally swooning!!

PS- Have you seen the ballet shoes he recently did. Piece.of.art!