03 October 2011

{three} levels of fun

Friday night. Matt Nathanson and Vanessa Carlton. Terminal 5, NYC.

Terminal 5 is one of my favorite venues in the City, in case you haven’t already read that a time or two. It’s the old Club Exit as Vanessa Carlton talked about during her set, as in back in the day when she ran around with glo-sticks and did drugs. She opened for Matt Nathanson on Friday, it was fun listening to her new music {didn’t really prefer the crowd at this show though, very weird energy}. As for Matt, he was just great. I saw him a couple years back for Central Park Summer Stage and totally forgot that he is such a great story-teller on stage. Those are my favorite types of musicians, the ones that like to make a connection, make you laugh. And also he is the most hip-swaying, booty-shaking white boy I’ve ever seen on stage with a guitar. He jams with that guitar of his. Maybe I’d say he was like Elvis if it were the 50’s. You’ll get it if you ever see him live and that I do recommend. Check out a favorite of mine from his new album. Faster.

paraphrasing Mr. Nathanson talking about love~dating~etc:
“you know that person you’re dating that none of your friends like
and know he’s not good for you and you say but
'you don’t know him like I do'
– it’s like them saying, see that burning building, don’t go in there
and you say, but I’m cold – this song is about that”

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melifaif said...

Ugh....so jealous you were up close and personal with Mr. Matt Nathanson!!!! Love him....love that paraphrase of him!!!! Fun times...