27 October 2011

the city is at war {cobra style}

Thursday thoughts :: Funny thing, I thought I posted about going to see Cobra Starship {again, huge fan} and Gym Class Heroes {who are more awesome than I ever knew} in September, yet I cannot find a post where I mentioned it :: brain cloud :: That feeling just goes along with what this week has encompassed. Oh and last night, someone accidentally rang my doorbell at 4:15am. Living in a studio in NYC, those buzzers can be so loud and so not cool when I’m in a deep sleep from the week that it has been. I’m saying it was an accident because they didn’t buzz again and of course I didn’t open the door to check either. I live 4 floors up from the ground so at least drunken passerby’s noise doesn’t bother me most of the time. Ready for Friday and I am in need of a Friday Night. ASAP. One more day. One more day. But until then I’m looking back and remembering how awesome these guys are.
 Gabe Saporta :: you rock and kinda make my day more swell {along with all of your musical-crew}.

Terminal 5, NYC

“I will never sing perfectly, but I will always be awesome.
Even when I f**k up. I’m awesome because
I am not afraid to fall nor ashamed to stumble.
 Because I never wanted to be beautiful, and I never pretended to be.”

{gabe saporta}

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