31 August 2011

8/25-31 :: montreal and {a little} more

My August break is coming to an end though the usual working August break that I’m used to getting never even really started. Here are a few of the Evo phone pics from Montreal and more to round up the last of The August Break. Hope you all enjoyed it! This month has been fun, taking pictures everyday! Maybe I’ll print them into a book now, just to flip through and remember each day. That is if I get through September… as the working season begins again. Can’t wait to share more about Montreal too and more stories to share!

Hope you all enjoy these last few days of the Summer sun and fun! Any plans for the upcoming long weekend?
I’m ready to just relax and enjoy the last few quiet days of the city.

"It is a place not to be forgotten
or mixed up in the mind with other places,
or altered for a moment in the crowd of scenes
a traveler can recall."

{charles dickens}
On Montreal


swandad said...

Great blog! I can't believe I didn't discover it sooner! My loss!

Marian said...

I've always been a sucker for Montreal