24 August 2011

8/23 - red 58 {after the shake}

As the title leads and I’m sure you’ve heard it a million and one times over by now… NYC felt the earthquake from VA yesterday afternoon. I’m not poking fun or making it any less or more serious than it was or wasn’t but that was such a surreal experience for me. Many people thought it was nothing but for someone who knows a hurricane well but doesn’t know an earthquake at all, it was pretty wild to feel the stable and sturdy structure that is called my work building, sway. It was almost as though I was suddenly hungover or still drunk. We evacuated the building without knowing yet what had happened and fortunately my work allowed us to go home. I know a lot of people were asked to go back to work because here, in NYC, nothing really happened and I get that. But I sure was a happy camper when I was not asked to be in the building again {at least for the rest of yesterday}. When you truly aren’t sure what Mother Nature has in store, do you really want to be in a building that is 40+ stories high? Yea, me either. So the pic is of where I ended up after the quake… having happy hour before happy hour even started!

In other news, I’m taking a real August Break! Heading to Montreal on Thursday so I won’t be posting for a few days but I’ll be back with pics and stories next week ~ can’t wait to share! It's always exciting to visit a new place for the first time, isn't it?
Hope you all are enjoying your August as much as I am!


Jin said...

"fortunately my work allowed us to go home" LOL... I'm glad that you are okay. We felt it here in NC too but only for a millisecond.
Wishing you safe travels!!!

bananas. said...

you east coasters are so silly! i was giggling at all the freaked out fb status updates i saw after the quake.

i realize we cali folks are used to earthquakes and all (in fact we had one following the VA one but i didn't feel it) but it's still funny to see how others react. mother nature is no joke...fortunately yesterday's quakes were small.

Marian said...

Um, I was a tad frightened as well. I thought our building was going to blow or something. Definitely need a glass of wine after that:)