13 May 2011

the {pink} sheep of the family

One thing I love about working in the office late, is that when I leave and it's dark outside... I, at least, get to walk by the Bergdorf windows and admire all the goodies in such amazing light and sparkle; and right now they, of course, have A.McQ in conjunction with his exhibit at the MET. Oh so divine, I must say. Here's my vision of the window viewing. Happy Friday!

"I think there is beauty in everything.
What 'normal' people would perceive as ugly,
I can usually see something of beauty in it."
{alexander mcqueen}

-ShowStudio interview, 2009-


HitomiNeko said...

awww amazing designs~ n i love the quote at the end. LOVE IT

xoxo Hitomineko xoox

bananas. said...

oh alexander mcqueen...god rest his soul. such a talented and wise man.