05 October 2010

if I had half a say ~ you'd play for me everyday

Last week I got to see Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield {a dream for me to see either of them but together? Sold.} in the most intimate setting I could imagine at Mercury Lounge in NYC. They don’t even have stage doors there, they just walk right through the crowd to get to the stage. They drunkenly stared at each other (rather Evan at Juliana) and picked on each as if they were 18/19 again (rather Juliana saying Evan just shut up, let’s play). Evan was adamant that he wanted his tequila though it was already in front of him and he joked that he could be demanding when the crazy things he wanted were already done and done right. This marked the first time to two have publicly played together “I guess growing up means going from electric to acoustic” they mused. And they were so good; I’ll say a little sloppy towards the end but honestly it couldn’t have been better because it felt real. They started into a few of the songs over when they would slip a lyric or a chord and then they were done and off the stage before you even remembered that they were just sitting in front of you sexually bantering to or about each other. Evan: “this song is about wanting to sleep with her.” Juliana: “and it never happened.” It’s About Time.

"it's about time
lick my lips
And I won’t hear the end of this
All you need’s a reassurance
Buy some time and come back for it
Before long, before it's gone…"

The pictures were hard to take as the stage was level with the crowd and there were rude people fussing to stop taking pictures, but dude, come on, when will I get this opportunity again? So screw you, I’m taking pictures if I want to. Sorry. So I tried to get a few decent ones.


bananas. said...

never heard of them but your pics turned out good. when you can see the artist in a picture, it's always a good thing. looks like you had prime spots too. lucky you!

Jmanz79 said...

you flashbacked to the 90s...love it! Great venue...you can like hand them a guitar pick - you're so close.

Krystal said...

THAT sounds so fun...glad you got your pics :)

pinkapplecore said...

oooh i'm glad you said that..i haven't been to a concert or live show yet, and I was wondering if taking pictures would annoying the other people....but when i see pictures people usually have their cellphones up recording it...so I guess I feel like i'm recording it in my own way... :\

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

What a great view! And eff the rude people, take the pics!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! What phenomenal shots! I'm glad you took the pictures; people shouldn't go to shows if they don't want cameras in their face! :P

By the way, did you change your blog layout? Gah! I LOVE it!! :)

MyLittlePhotographs said...

What a cool setting. I don't think it gets more intimate than walking through the crowd to get to the stage