13 October 2010

hummingbird heartbeat

Although I just cut my hair back in the beginning of September… I’m ready for another change. It’s just that time of year. Every year it happens. I’m ready for a change, for something new. And changing my hair is always one thing that seems to satisfy that urge. A friend was looking through a photo book of snapshots the other day and commented how different I look over the course of a year; where some people, you can’t even see the change over three years. So with that… a change in hair to come soon and a few inspiring pictures to match the mood. I think they seem fitting.

photo credit 1} my first concert via MBW 2} Katy Perry via

"So when Rayanne Graff told me my hair was holding me back,
 I had to listen." ~ angela chase, MSCL


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

my appt is friday. when is yours?

Islandia Lane said...

I think I may attempt to change it up myself this weekend... I tend to do that!

Viv said...

great blog!


bananas. said...

i haven't done too much to my hair in the past 3 years and yet i still look different. hunh...must be my makeup or something.

oh to be katy perry...that chick is hot!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

funny, I always get my hair cut like katy perry and I usually get the super dark brown and a couple times I did black. But for the first time in a couple years I've been thinking of letting my hair grow out, and letting my natural color come out. Kind of excited to see what I look like with long hair. It's been so long!

Grit and Glamour said...

Hey doll, thanks for popping over to G&G. I LOVE the first image. Hysterical! And adorable.

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour

Krystal said...

i looove the dark hair swooshiness of that last one!

Eliana said...

I'm so predictable. My hair rarely changes. hehe

Fashion Butter said...

I've been thinking about a fiery orange myself. Although I don't think I have the balls to actually go through with it. : )