09 August 2010

if you knew me, you wouldn't be surprised

The weekend was. Easy. Another Adventure in Jersey. Time with Citizen Cope and OAR. Fun. Time in the Sun. Mexican Food. Remix. Beer. Movie Watching and Relaxing.
How was your weekend?

{we're smart because this bottle contains the Three Olives Grape Vodka}

{remixed with club soda = perfect happy hour on the train to see O.A.R.}

to the left is our classic:

"I ain't 'fraid to punch a ho" face
When in Rome Jersey...
not that we really would but we find it hysterical.
we got you.

Cheers to a happy week my friends!!


bananas. said...

SHUT UP! you saw citizen cope?! oh i'm soooo jealous. i heart that guy and his music...like whoamazing!

mmm your food looks DELISH! i'm now starving. awesome! ;)

Free Honey said...

I'm so jealous you saw OAR - my favorite band, esp live! Thanks so much for your comment earlier - you literally made my day! Expect an email from me tomorrow - I meant to do it tonight, but Monday's gotten the best of me...again.

xoxo, Ashley @ Free Honey

My Republic of Fashion said...

looks like ye had a fantastic time!!:) thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.:)SarahD

Cafe Fashionista said...

Adventures in Jersey are phenom when they involve friends, amazing food, and music. So glad you had a fabulous time, my love!! :)

Becca said...

I almost just bought tickets to Citizen Cope's Boston show. I'm going to take this as a sign of fate that I should go buy them now (or drink a cocktail? or both?)! Looks like you had fun!

carling said...

cool crazy pics!!:)

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Michelle said...

I love the pic with the smart water and caption. hahahaha. Miss you girls so much! and I bet OAR was AMAZING! Love them too...

Roxy Te Owens said...

hahaha The water bottle fake out..my go-to college move