16 March 2010

Spring Forward

This past weekend my roomie and I hosted a party to celebrate turning the clocks! We said come however you feel appropriate and we definitely got a mixed crowd – it was such a fun idea to throw out there! We drank champagne cocktails and snacked on cheese, sushi and strawberry shortcake bites! We played The Name Game and I’ve Never… both lots of fun but we gave up on The Name Game after a couple rounds. The only regret – I didn’t get a full shot of me all dressed up! I had purple tights on that matched my bracelet… I felt a little Alice in Wonderland inspired. Can’t wait for the next party to host! What excuse will we come up with next?


Michelle said...

Love your profile pic up top.... Wish I could have been able to join you guys for the party.. =(

bananas. said...

k you guys are too cute! never thought to party in honor of spring forward. this should definitely become a tradition.