05 January 2010

Welcome 2010

I kinda already love you...
and I am excited and so ready to start a New Year! I don’t feel there has much to hold onto from this past year other than finding my blog to be a place of release and inspiration and that all the travelling I have been fortunate enough to do this year has been a blessing to keep me sane. Ringing in the New Year was a blast and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Pics to come soon – the one below is from my friend's camera phone – but first, this week I still have to unpack from the traveling and I need to detox. Also, I started reading I’m Having More Fun Than You about a guy choosing to be single in his 30’s – it was a gift for my 30th Birthday – and is completely filled with humor. So in an attempt to take some inspiration from him here are some recaps of NYE past from the decade gone by…

2003 ~ First NYE out of college in – lived in Miami – I worked NYE night at the Ritz-Carlton, Coconut Grove as a supervisor in the restaurant – spilled a glass of Champagne all down a women’s back – lucky for me she was too happy-drunk to care so I offered to dry clean her dress and brought her more Champagne

2004 ~ With my Beau of that time in our first apt together in South Beach - enjoyed drinks in our apt and watched the ball drop on TV – had drinks on the balcony – chill night in

2005 ~ Spent the evening with the same Beau and his family in SoBe at our apt drinking Chambord and Champagne – chill night in – I just remember thinking I cannot wait to get out…

2007 ~ First NYE in NYC – house party with one person I knew and lots of people I didn’t, thinking… where am I right now? – Four Faced in West Village – Subway back to BK – Great Night

2008 ~ Random bar/lounge in Chelsea (drawing a blank on the name right now) – dinner at Mexican restaurant before – dance off with a girl – guy chose me to dance with – won’t do that again

2009 ~ Hawaiian Tropic Zone, NYC – 3 friends – walking around the club with our own bottle of Kettle One – running outside in our little dresses (coat check line was too long) to get pizza in 15 degree weather

2010 ~ Tavern on the Green, NYC – friends flew in from Miami – open bar – full buffet and shoes off, dancing on the carpet even before midnight

I am hoping for this next year to be filled with great memories. I need a good year. We all need a good year. Thinking for life in general this year, I totally want the juice to be worth the squeeze

How was your NYE? What are you wishing for in 2010?


Summer (BisforBrown) said...

omg. how fun was tavern on the green before they closed the doors???? looking great!

pinkapplecore said...

ooh hun you look fabulous in that picture!! bangs FTW!!


♥Aubrey said...

Sounds like a wonderful night you had. Dancing with the shoes off...luv it ♥
May 2010 bring new adventures and memories.

mart and lu said...

wow it looks like you had a lot of fun! i hope this year will be the best one yet for you. happy new year!