10 November 2009

Tuesday Tea Party ~ without realizing who you are, happiness cannot come to you

One of my favorite places in NYC is the Met (referring to the art museum). And it always makes me happy when I walk around in that huge building staring at all the amazing art. Here are some pics that I randomly took last year of a few of my favorite things from inside.

"Gift Wrapped Dolls" by James Rosenquist

A little close up of Jackson Pollock

Jeff Koons on the Met Rooftop

"Did the tea-time of your soul/Make you long for wilder days/Did you never let Jack Kerouac/Wash over you in waves?"
~ Richard Thompson


pinkapplecore said...

HA! I love the blown up balloon animal I want to see that if I ever get to New York!!

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I miss home! I haven't been to the Met for ages; I frequent the MoMa every chance I get. I think I should switch it up.