30 October 2009

Stroke of Lust

Happy Friday… so many celebrities have beautiful babies and the kids grow up to be models, DJ’s, actors, etc – you get the picture. I don’t ever remember hearing about Georgia Jagger though and she is beautiful. Kudos to Mick for producing yet another gorgeous child; see below and I think you’ll understand – guys will lust and girls will have a new girl crush. I’m sure we will start to see more of this one soon. Also I think this photographer’s work – Norman Jean Roy – is almost to die for.

Photos by Norman Jean Roy for Vanity Fair


Sole Matters said...

wow, she is striking!

pinkapplecore said...

I really like the middle photo! I haven't heard of her either.


M. and O. said...

News on Daily-Women, the blog of two french Olivia & Mariam, come on :)
Have a good day!


Mary Jane said...

really nice photographs, loooove the shoes!

yoli said...

she's really beautiful!

Jaeve + Things said...

her mouth is like whoa.