08 October 2009

I take it all back

For the most part I mean what I say and say what I mean but now I have to take something back that I said before. I said that maybe this year I was ready for the chillier and refreshingly crisp days. Well… I’m not. Walking outside today was not a fun morning and it really isn’t even that cold yet but still, I forgot that now when its colder I also have to wake up earlier because I have to put on the tights and the layers but also today, when I don’t completely have my wardrobe switched over yet – it takes longer to get ready because I’m looking for the light sweater to add over my turtleneck and the right tights to wear with the winter skirt that I now have to find. ::sigh:: Here’s to warmer days yet only colder days are to come before that.

1 comment:

pinkapplecore said...

oh I did the same thing this morning I still slip on the flip-flops... get out the door literally turn around and put sneakers on.