22 October 2009

After Miss Julie

Last night, a friend and I went to see After Miss Julie with Sienna Miller and Johnny Lee Miller on Broadway. She was super excited to see Sienna and I absolutely adore Johnny – I think this comes from the days of Hackers and Plunkett & Macleane… and maybe that one episode of Eli Stone that I watched! However, I had no real expectations of Sienna because I don’t really care for her acting in general – I think I only ever saw one movie of hers and didn’t even watch the whole thing because I was so bored (I do though, want to see The Edge of Love – my opinion my change). I never got the appeal. Now my view of her acting has changed; it doesn’t match my friend’s opinion - she preferred Marin Ireland, the other female role in the three person cast. I think Sienna was made for the stage. She had such a presence about her. I wanted to watch her. Her acting in theater comes through so much more than on the big screen. She was simply made to act in theater. Johnny Lee was pretty good too. They both held their own acting on stage.

As for the show - the actual adaptation of the play - it was alright – some of the lulls seemed a bit too long yet the play was only 90 minutes with no intermission. I get that we were supposed to have that feeling of waiting in the moment; at least I hope that is what they were aiming for. But that part translated to the audience as too literal – when you hear people in the theatre start to cough and shuffle in their seats it just comes across as boring and it took away from the idea that you are watching a play. It felt, in a way, that I didn’t really do or see anything in those 90 minutes of my life. But if you have an extra 90 minutes and about $150 to spare for two tickets then I recommend seeing this play; however, if you want a guaranteed great show… go see Hamlet. I’m sure it would be in rare form for Jude Law doing Hamlet to be a let down. He is one actor that has amazing stage presence, without a doubt.

image credit {1: Roundabout Theatre Co. -2: the cast}


Anonymous said...

i'm gonna go check this movie out...thanks for sharing!!!

Hillary H. said...

this looks pretty good - i wish i had $150 to spare!
and thanks! yeah it's such a pretty song

pinkapplecore said...

I've not heard of this! I'm glad you had such a good time though!!

nicole addison said...

hm haven't heard of it but sounds like i need to check it out!