16 September 2009

when your sparkle evades your soul, I'll be at your side to console -- I see you need me, I know you do

Where do I begin? I feel like my weeks are all rolled into one day and everything is just a continuous non-stop ongoing of life right now. Work has been busy. I’ve been traveling. I’ve been scrapbooking almost religiously again. My friend had her baby, Sebastian Michael and I couldn’t be happier. But I don’t sleep much and my dreaming at night is relentless lately. My magazines are in a pile and I’m beginning to think I might start reading them in the month of rather than when received the month before. Life has been busy. I’m obsessing over a couple things right now – Drew Barrymore’s outlook on life in her 30’s (see a little here) since I will soon be approaching that chapter of my life and this new Organic Strawberry Lip Balm by Mission Skincare – it reminds me of the sugared kool-aid I loved as a kid (before adding water). So great. And one last thing that would make my day totally rad right now – a couple glasses of Prosecco.

Some Music for the Day:

Kings of Leon -- great

Nassau Coliseum -- not so great

Picture This 9.14.09: saw Alessandra Ambrosio trying to get a beer at Nassau Coliseum before the Kings of Leon went on stage

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Hillary H. said...

i LOVE ingrid michaelson
my recent obsession is her song Little Romance