20 August 2009

I'm a drinker with writing problems

"There cannot be too much vodka, There can only be not enough vodka"

~ Popular Russian saying

Last Friday I finally checked out the Russian Vodka Room – it is only a couple blocks from my apt but I always seem to think of going elsewhere. They are supposed to have the best happy hour too and they have house made infused vodka. They are that good. It was a bit crowded that night and we only had space for 2 - yet we were 3 – at the bar. We each ordered a different flavor to sip and each tried them all. 2 ounces is $6. So we just had one drink that night to finally check it out but I will certainly go back. Once inside too, you would never know the glowing lights of Times Square were right outside the front door.

Also thinking of other great things Russian - here a few pics of my favorite Russian model, Natalia Vodianova. She seems pretty low key and out of the spotlight other than when she's working.

I love when supermodels take pics of other models and they come out like this.
photo above by: Helena Christensen for the cover of FAT, 2008

British Vogue, May 2009 by Mario Testino

A few more above from one of my favorite photographers, Mario Testino - she seems to have the cutest little family. Here she is with one of three of her little ones. Vogue, November 2008.

image credit { all Natalia photos from nymag.com}


jlc said...

Just heard on NPR that the avg. Russian consumes 50 bottles of vodka per YEAR!!

Crazy. Lovin your blog and the fact that you dig OAR. :D

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