13 July 2009

Never a Dull Weekend

Friday I had my first (unpaid) photo shoot but still it is practice and it was fun. I still need to work on giving direction though. We shot at Pier 96 over on West Side Highway and 55th St. and actually a really decent area minus crossing the loud highway to get there. Then quickly showered and headed to K Lounge for a friend of friends party. The crowd was a little random but the dancing was fun and the space for a private event was the cutest. They could’ve done with a couple more fans though – a little too hot inside. It’s summer in NYC and it was cooler outside than inside the lounge. After was another bar for a beer to end the night and then somehow finding myself in the ER with a friend who slipped in his kitchen and busted his chin. And so the night goes. Home asleep finally by 7am yet somehow up at 9:30am recapping the night of friend’s keys left in another friend’s purse that wasn’t to be found and then the car that had probably already been towed and having laughing fits of men in pleather pants. It was a night – time to go find a yummy mimosa. Riposo on 9th for brunch and so not impressed – the flat bread was flavorless and the eggs were cold. Maybe I’ll go back for a glass of wine but that’s about it - then two bottles of champagne and a camera in the park. Margaritas and Mexican food after watching MJ dancers, catching up with friends and playing catch in the park was supposed to be a good idea but the food was awful – great Margarita at least and home by a somewhat decent hour and found myself crashing by 12am. The feeling of sleeping in on Sunday is one of my most favorite things in the world. Up and ready to go by about 3pm. Walking around SoHo for the afternoon and the most delicious Italian meal I’ve had in awhile with a bottle of wine. The only annoying thing was to find out they didn’t take credit cards and I had to get up to find an ATM with my happy fuzzy feeling in tow. Bit of a buzz kill but at least the food was amazing. Now time to settle in and get some sleep to start the next work week in the morning.

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