06 July 2009

Long, Sunny Weekend

The weather finally couldn't have been better for this past weekend in the city. Most people head to the beach but this year I stayed in the city. Friday kicked off the long weekend and it was a day of sleeping in and shopping. Friday night a harbor boat cruise was on the agenda for a friends 30th Birthday and not a cloud in sight! The boat was docked back by midnight and out to the next stop since we were back on land – G and G’s and then Mean Fiddler. I had given up on Mean Fiddler but this night was different; I had never heard a place play so much Irish music and have most of the bar dance the Irish jig along with it. Turned out to be an OK place to end the night. Saturday didn’t allow for enough time to sleep in – had to make it to Jersey before the buses stopped running to where I needed to be and still had to cook my veggie sloppy joe's and make the party punch. A friends house for a housewarming and BBQ in Weehawken. Music, friends, fun laughs and great food made for the perfect day. Fireworks on the Hudson at 9:20pm was perfect. Finally home by 1am and passed out until about 1pm the next day – I love sleeping in and as beautiful a day it was- I just couldn't make it to the park – sometimes those lazy days at home are a necessity. Instead, Sunday was filled with BBQ leftovers and more napping. At sunset I took a friends headshots again and her upcoming B’day invite shot and I think they turned out even better this time – will post some soon. Sunday night was sushi and seeing Public Enemies just to round out the perfect long weekend.

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