14 July 2009

Lili Dances

So here a few shots from the shoot last Friday. I edited the colors because I really like that faded out look. I shot mostly with my digital this time but still waiting for the few film rolls to be developed. I'm not sure yet how I feel about them - I've never taken shots of someone I didn't know. This was a first. Any feedback or opinions are welcomed! Lili has her own dance company and she was looking to get some basic pictures to add to her portfolio/bio page. She has a lot of action shots for dancing - so my style was to add a different perspective for her website. I so need to learn photoshop just for the little things.

1 comment:

pinkapplecore said...

Oh Dear the last photo, the bottom photo is DEAD ON! It's gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous, i love it!! 10/10!!!