03 June 2009

New Faces and New Places

A night out this week called for some drinks with a good friend. We heard about this place 123 Burger Shot Beer; totally sounding like a dive bar, we decided to check it out. Walking down 10th Ave, I have to note that it is such a random street. It's too far to have a steady stream of happening places but then randomly there's a great restaurant or a cute patio cafe. Tucked into one of the buildings we find 123 Burger Shot Beer - amazed to find that it wasn't a dive bar at all rather a nice, clean, young bar/restaurant. They even had a small outdoor seating area in the back. We sat at the bar for a couple hours and decided since it being a Monday, let's stick to beer rather than get trashed by trying the selection of their many $2 shots. On to the beer list - Newcastle Brown on draft? $3? All the time - not just for happy hour? I think I found my new favorite bar! And I must say beer was served in some darn cold and frosty mugs. I was impressed. We also tried some food - the little that they offer but what can you expect when nothing is over $5 (I think unless you get the wings). We tried the waffle fries - yummy and they have some BBQ sauce that is ridiculously great. My friend got the $1 burgers which are a minimum order of 3 sliders. Not much on the menu for veggies unless it was fried. I tried the fried cheese ravioli - which was good but would've rather had a veggie slider. My only immediate suggested improvement would be to add a veggie slider - they are easy to make and actually pretty cost efficient in a kitchen with limited menu options yet it would add that much more to their selection. And to top it all off the service was quick and with a smile. I'm definitely going back and I hope you find yourself stumbling that way soon too.

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