01 June 2009

A little bit of Weekend

This weekend I must say was slightly more slow-paced and relaxing than usual. Just what I wanted… Friday was a bus ride over to Hoboken, NJ to hang with a friend but back to the city around 12ish to chill at my apt with some wine. Saturday I slept in even through the warm, sunny day that it was outside but I still I relished in the cozy feelings from the warmth of my comfy bed. I had a late lunch with a friend at one of my current dining obsessions – Lime Jungle on 9th Ave. Then back to my apt and stayed in for the night and I finally started going through some old magazines to tear out my favorite shots for inspiration. I could seriously start a vintage magazine shop. Sunday I was up and ready to photograph my friend so she could have some belly shots for her scrapbook (she’s preggers). I will try to post some after I see how they turn out. That was a new angle for me to shoot. I tried playing with my new camera a bit but need to develop the film now so I can see what I did right… or wrong. Lunch in the West Village with a few friends was yummy-delish and shopping for my latest AA dress came after. Can’t wait to wear it out! Then to top off my weekend – I saw Drag Me to Hell – and I must say I was dragged to see it but it’s a must see for anyone who likes that old-school Gross-Gore and Jumpy-Horror all mixed in one. Night of the Living Dead anyone?

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