19 June 2009

Just A Little Teen Spirit

Last night a friend and I went to see LMFAO at Blender Theatre in Gramercy. Walking into the venue, I think was the first time I have ever felt my age... everyone was under 20... school's out and the summer fun has begun and the teenagers were in full force for a night out... there was a little underage drinking going on and a little smoking here and there... and I am sure a few other drugs were floating around somewhere. Also note that American Apparel has made at least 60% profits from every girl in there. It was like walking into the actual store. They were entertaining to watch at least and it brought me back to the days of going to concerts in the summer when I was 16 - just the best feeling in the world! Only now, we get to have a wristband with no questioning of fake ID - cheers to growing up.

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