10 June 2009

50 years ago - In a Moment

50 years ago my grandparents were married - I believe this photo was taken a few months before their wedding. They were married in June. This year would've been their 50 years together. I still remember the way my Grandmother would dress every morning with her pearls and makeup and she always looked pulled together without fail; even if we were just playing outside in the yard. I love this picture of them together and still I would wear this outfit today - she had style and grace. Some things I love about my Granddad: his jokes, the letters he sends me - somehow he always knows exactly which card to get that isn't too "hallmark" and knows exactly what to write inside and when I visit him, I get to wake up to the smell of my favorite cheese grits and bacon (even though I don't eat the bacon - sometimes nothing beats waking up to that smell). Hope you all have happy thoughts of your Grandparents!

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K @ Blog Goggles said...

Aww, this picture is wonderful. I miss my grandparents so much! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.