06 May 2009

I think that's what "they" say

The rain in NYC right now is never-ending and a bit overwhelming. I decided to draw on a little inspiration from one of my fav summer girl looks ~ Kirsten Dunst ~ her blonde hair and toothy grin always make me want to be that kid again in the warm summer sun, waiting on the ice cream man, having a picnic in the park or just rolling around in the grass. Here are a few thoughts for the warm weather to come...

"It is not enough to conquer; one must know how to seduce."
- Voltaire

These are the perfect summer glasses.

"I'd like to turn the whole world on... just for a moment."

- Edie Sedgwick

Lastly, this shot makes me want bangs again - I kind of miss them - maybe I will go get a haircut...

images found through google search

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