27 May 2009

Don't Forget the Weekend

Happy long weekend it was. I wish I could say that yesterday was included in my long weekend since I’m just getting around to writing but it wasn’t. I was welcomed back to work with craziness and not a moment for my daily personal getaway. I’m even behind on my reading of other blogs. I’ll have a lot of catching up to do come Friday. As for the past holiday weekend… here we go… started the weekend catching up with a friend in town from NC and seeing my roomie on stage again. So fun to watch her perform - snacks at Room Service on 9th and drinks at Gossip, then dancing at Mean Fiddler and so apparently I did go out for Fleet Week in NYC although I will never understand that appeal. Mean Fiddler was trash on Friday night and I called it an early night around 3am. Saturday was a day of fun in the park with my neighbors followed by champagne and St-Germain on our rooftop. Watching the UFC fight was great in our own private viewing room at Playwright – who would’ve known that we would find a space that wasn’t shoulder to shoulder; keeping it in mind for the next fight. A couple more stops after that and home to bed but not before a couple rounds of truth or truth. We truly do entertain ourselves in the best ways possible. Up by 9am to go hiking in Jersey on Sunday – had to stop by target on the way home (because there isn’t one in the city) and then out to dinner at Sushi Samba for a friends Birthday dinner. Exhausted, in bed and passed out by 1am. Happy to sleep away the Monday; I got up with enough time to have a couple drinks and a late lunch with a couple friends, then nothing sounded better than sitting in a movie theater for the rest of my night. I saw Angels and Demons and I was surprised it was really good. Snuggling down in my bed on new sheets never felt so great. What a long weekend it was.

5.27.09 Picture This: saw Justin Long walking to work this morning

5.26.09 Picture This: saw Aerin Lauder walk through the lobby of my work building

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