04 May 2009

Any Given Weekend

This past weekend... I attended a sangria social on the West Side that I tried to like but the people were rude and the bartenders even more rude but I loved that I got to see a new space, then found myself at a bar in the bowling alley and met a cop that told me the reason he was the last to a crime scene was for self preservation, I thought - doesn't your job description include the words 'to serve and protect the people'?... discovered a few new artist on the bowling alley ad screen that I now adore and can't wait to buy some of their stuff, found myself at another bar and listened to new Lady Gaga stuff, then Saturday I wasted the day away but being lazy in my bed all day long was all that I wanted to do with the exception of getting up to eat homemade goat cheese omelets with veggie sausage and gorgonzola, thought that I might go outside but decided against it since it was still cloudy and raining and got back in bed, attempted to clean my room a little but watched movies and drank a bottle of wine instead, woke up Sunday hoping the rain would be gone but it wasn't, went to outdoor music festival anyway and found myself wet all day long but discovered some new music that I liked, got a little bruised from the mosh pit and considered maybe I am too old for this now, but then rocked out to No Doubt for about an hour and a half anyway, then made my way home and had Taco Bell for the first time in many, many months, crawled in my bed to sleep, woke up late today and it is still raining...

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